Holiday cottages, gites and villas in the Vendee, west coast of France.

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For rentals within the scheme :

Unless stated otherwise (properties managed by a third party agency, for example "Select Villas"), in using this website you will be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the rental that are published on this site. The rental contract will be established between yourselves and the holiday property owner (Clause 1 of the Terms and Conditions).

Both the Terms and Conditions and the rental contract (Booking Form) are available to view before you make your holiday accommodation reservation.

Terms and Conditions - English

Please refer to the specific Booking Form for each property, accessible from the link on the property page. There may be slight differences from one property to another.

Further information for guidance:

How to book your accommodation

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For rentals on properties indicated as being under the management of a partner agency or management company :

You will receive the booking details and terms from the partner agency or company. These terms may differ from those indicated above.

Suitability of the property and your expectations

Your attention is drawn to Clause 2 of the Terms and Conditions:
2. The description of The Property is given in all good faith, based on the information supplied by The Owner. However, it is the responsibility of The Client to establish the suitability of The Property for his/her party's needs and to ask for any information that he/she deems relevant or important prior to booking.
In using this website, you agree that the holiday property description is created in accordance with the information supplied by the property owner, or a partner agency, or management company. Every effort is made to ensure that it is accurate in this respect, however the use of subjective terms in the description, such as calm, quiet, comfortable, spacious, quality, etc. is discretionary and according to the wishes of the property owner, agency, or company. Terms such as these are open to interpretation, as each person’s judgement will be different. You should therefore not consider these terms to be in any way contractual or binding.
Should you wish to seek an opinion from us, or state a clear requirement, we will endeavour to provide further information to help you decide on the holiday property that will best meet your needs. This further information will obviously still be subjective, as dependant on a personal point of view or opinion, and can not therefore be considered contractual or binding.
Please note that you have access to a map and satellite view for the property to enable you to assess the position and surroundings. (The accuracy of this information is subject to the time of the last update made by the map supplier, Google.)
Any image published is for general information and is not contractual or binding. Specific items shown may have been modified or may be absent, and the owner may make changes to the furnishings and decoration.

Supply of accommodation, facilities and services

It is the responsibility of the property owner, partner agency or management company to provide the accommodation as stated and the associated facilities and services, in accordance with the letting contract. This is subject to normal everyday constraints as regards to breakdowns, damage to the property or equipment, or any other incident or circumstance outside the control of these parties

Note that some details of the accommodation may be subject to regional habits and preferences (shutters rather than curtains, bowls rather than mugs, absence of an electric kettle or teapot, etc.). Whilst we may make recommendations to the property owners or suppliers concerning these items, you should not expect the accommodation to be strictly identical in all respects to an equivalent holiday property in your own country. This includes any notions of "health and safety" regulations or building regulations which may be totally different in France.

In using this website, you agree that any shortcoming relating to the holiday accommodation, or the associated facilities or services, will be addressed to the property owner, or their representative on site (caretaker), or the local management if this is the case. You also agree that that any such shortcoming does not imply any defect or misrepresentation in the publicity and administration services supplied by us to the property owner, partner agency, or management company.

Information on local amenities is provided for guidance only and is not contractual. Amenities may have closed or be unavailable at the time of your stay. Please bear in mind that in towns and villages that are not specifically tourist orientated, some establishments may close for a time during the summer for their own holidays.

Condition of the property on departure

The property owner will retain a Security Deposit and /or a cleaning deposit as their protection against an unsatisfactory condition of the accommodation on departure (Clause 11 of the Terms and Conditions).

Sadly, cases of flagrant abuse by renters is more and more common. In using this website you agree that the property owner or the local management is the sole judge of the condition of the property and that we do not take any part in assessing or arbitrating, having not been witness to the circumstances. Note that in French law, you have the right to request a jointly signed detailed report of the property condition on entry and on departure (known as "un état des lieux").

Properties under the management of a partner agency or company may notify specific conditions for these aspects of the rental.

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