To help you choose and book your Vendee gite, cottage or villa and to to avoid you tapping needlessly on your smartphone asking questions, the most frequent questions are answered below.
This information concerns specifically the holiday rentals within the scheme.
For properties that are indicated as being under the management of a partner agency or company, you can use this for basic guidance but there may be differences, so please refer to their specific terms of rental.
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Are my holiday dates available ?
The calendar shown on the property page is updated in real time (within an hour of any change), including any options currently held awaiting confirmation. If the period is Green it is available. If it is Yellow then you can ask to be placed second in line if the option falls through. If it is Red, then the dates have already been taken. You will also see that there is an availability summary in the main site menu that allows you to check across all our properties at a glance.

Can we do other than a Saturday to Saturday rental ?
July / August - no it's not possible, only the standard changeover day.
(Note that occasionally a property may be Friday to Friday and this is shown on the calendar.)
June and September - may be possible on some properties - please ask.
April, May, October - possible on most properties, if open - please ask.

Can we have 10 or 12 night rental ?
July / August - no it's not possible, only full weeks, 7, 14, 21 nights.
June and September - may be possible on some properties - please ask.
April, May, October - possible on most properties, if open - please ask.

What price for these dates ?
Consult the pricing table on the property page and find the dates that correspond. This rental price per 7 nights is shown, in Euros. If there are two prices shown, the lower price is for smaller groups (up to the number of people stated at the top of the pricing table). Outside July / August, if you are looking for 10 - 12 nights we will quote you a specific price where this is possible - please ask.
Please note that if you have seen the property advertised on one of the major brand name websites, the price given there may not be correct. These systems do not always allow the necessary flexibility in entering the prices, or they can loose pricing data, or they can incorrectly calculate the price shown for your chosen dates.

Can I book on-line ?
Sorry, we don't participate in the automated booking schemes proposed by some of the major publicity sites. There are good reasons for this and we much prefer the personal contact with our clients. Please note that you get the same safe booking and the security on payments by card.

Is the swimming pool sole use ?
On the summary page and the property page (top left), if it is marked "Private Pool", then it is for sole use. If it is shared in any way it is marked "Shared Pool" and the sharing is described in the property text.

Is the swimming pool heated ?
On the summary page and the property page (top left), if it is marked "Heated Pool", then it is heated throughout its open period. The pool start and end dates are shown in the property description. If there are any specific restrictions on use, this is indicated in the property text.

Is there internet at the property ?
On the property page (top left), if it is marked "Internet WiFi", then the property has WiFi available. If there are any specific conditions, this is described in the property text.

How far is it to the nearest beach, to amenities ?
On the property page (top left), the distances to the nearest beach and the nearest amenities are marked. From the property page you can go to the "Local info and more photos" page which gives full details of this.

Are sheets and towels included in the rental ?
On the property page, just below the pricing table, you will find the list of charges. If sheets and towels are included in the rental price this will be marked here (for one set, further changes may be charged). If they are available for hire, the price is indicated (per person for one set, or sometime a flat-rate charge) and this is paid on arrival.

Can we add more people, extra beds, etc. ?
The sleeping capacity is indicated on the summary page and on the property page (top left). You are not allowed to exceed this number. A baby in cot may be allowed over this number if stated as possible or agreed by the owner.

Can the bedroom configuration be changed to suit us ?
The exact sleeping arrangements are indicated in the property description. It is not possible to change the number of double or single beds or move beds from one room to another. The only exception may be if the description indicates a bedroom which has modular bedding that can be requested as double or twin beds.

How do I make a reservation ?
You can use the enquiry form available from the link on the property page - we will reply within a few hours. You can also telephone us if your prefer. Note that we can hold an option open for you for 3 days, while you decide or while you arrange your travel. Confirmation of the reservation will be by reception of the payment and the completed Booking Form (rental contract). Full details of the booking procedure are shown on "How to Book".

When will the payment be due ?
An initial deposit of 25% to secure the reservation (by card or by bank transfer). The remainder at 8 weeks before the holiday dates (same method). Reservations within the 8 weeks of the rented dates require the full payment

How do I find a Booking Form ?
Each property has its own Booking Form (Rental Contract) in PDF format. This is available from the link on the property details page (in the Menu on the left or in the 'How to book' section at the bottom). Once you have made your reservation you should print this form to complete and return to us.