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General Data Protection Regulations

1. The contact data obtained is conserved solely in the context of the request received and the relation, commercial or otherwise, which may result.

2. The subscription data obtained is conserved solely in the context of the subscription, and by this, consent is given to receive occasional communications from us by electronic means, concerning offers, promotions, new products, or new content published on the website.

3. This data is limited to :

The name of the contact or subscriber
His/her email address
His/her telephone number (if optionally given)
The URL of his/her website (if optionally given).
The subject of interest
The freely written text that was sent
The declared origin of the visit to our website
The IP address of the sender or subscriber

4. The access to this data is strictly limited to the website manager and will never be transmitted to a third party, except if the contact or subscriber instructs to do so. However, in the context of a rental contract, established or due to be established, the consent is tacitly given for the transmission of this data to the property management concerned.

5. The maximum duration of the conservation of the data is 13 months. In the case of any established relation, commercial or otherwise, the use of the data beyond this period may be accorded by agreement of the two parties. However, in the context of a rental contract, the 13 month period will commence at the date of termination of the rental contract.

6. Following a contact or a subscription, the consent for conservation of the data can be withdrawn at any moment, by simple request. This can be by email or by post, indicating the email address concerned as the reference for the data. There is also a right of access to the data, enabling rectification or deletion.

7. The contact for the data management for is as follows :
By post : Philip Johnson - Simply Vendee EI, 13 rue de l'eglise, 85210 La Chapelle Themer, FRANCE. (SIRET 795 060 243 00016.)
By email : info (AT) (AT=@)

8. Websites accessible by hyperlink from, or any commercial partners, will have their own conformity policies and this is beyond the scope of our responsibility.

9. Legal reference texts : European legislation 2016/679 of 27th April 2016 and directive 2016/680

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